Magdalena Giovanelli – Tree Bass

Magdalena Giovanelli
Started his career in 2008 as a DJ as a comprehensive digital creator. In 2016, he started the “TechGirl” project through SNS, and the delivered video has been played over 1 million times and attracted worldwide attention.
“Tree Bass” has the souls of Italy and Brazil in the background. The music is finished with a comfortable electro electronic sound and a 1:10 no beat.
S.U.R.E.Record Pool was founded in New York in 1978 and has had a great influence on the music scene. Since its establishment, it has been providing records for hundreds of record companies to DJs and counts 44 years of history. The record pool headquartered in New York, the longest-established store in the world, has fully revived the single release since 1994.


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