Frank Master

Broadcast from 9:00 pm on July 1, 15, 29, 2022 (Tokyo / London / NewYork)

Frank Master


Frank Master, active in the national and international scene for several years, has established himself as a DJ performing both as a special guest artist and as a resident in several clubs and clubs reaching ever higher heights of intensity and loud explosions of energy among his audience.

Equipped with great curiosity aimed at being always tuned to the international sound frequencies, Frank Master proposes an avant-garde musical selection, in a geometric and inventive key, which draws on different musical genres and which characterizes his dj set recognized on several occasions as intense and exclusive. 

In continuous artistic tension, with care and precision can identify and draw the dancefloor in all its angles managing to slow down and then accelerate the beats up to sudden exaltation with echoes and recalls of the past and unexpected twists. 

He has performed with his DJ set in several clubs and national and international events of the most important in the world (most recently in Ibiza, London, Cannes, Miami, Ischgl, Punta del Este, Pamplona, ​​Minsk, Valencia, Rhodes, Oslo, Moscow, Amsterdam for King’s Day and for official parties ADE – Amsterdam Dance Event, Miami for several Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week parties, etc.). 

Frank Master has been listed and included among the official artists ADE – Amsterdam Dance Event, he played during the Winter Music Conference in Miami and is among the official artists Miami Music Week, as well as resident DJ of one of the most important international networks in the world. 

Frank is currently on the air, as a resident DJ, on several international radio stations and can be heard in Rome (Italy) at CHORUS, ZUMA and HI-RES locations that, in a short time, thanks to the extremely international cut given to the selection and to the musical programming of the dedicated evenings, they are establishing themselves as an exclusive reference point. 

Lastly, Frank also takes care of the artistic direction of several radios and various events.





彼は、いくつかのクラブや国内外の重要なイベント(最近では、イビサ、ロンドン、カンヌ、マイアミ、イシュグル、プンタデルエステ、パンプローナ、ミンスク、バレンシア、ロードス、オスロ、モスクワ、キングスデーやADE – Amsterdam Dance Eventの公式パーティーでアムステルダム、いくつかの冬の音楽会議やマイアミ音楽週間のパーティーなど)でDJセットで演奏している。

フランク・マスターは、ADE – Amsterdam Dance Eventのオフィシャルアーティストに選ばれ、マイアミで開催されたWinter Music Conferenceでプレイし、Miami Music Weekのオフィシャルアーティストとして、また世界で最も重要な国際ネットワークの1つのレジデントDJとして名を連ねています。




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